The Council/Introduction

This book covers the federal fiscal years from 2012 through 2016. Through the grants that will be awarded as a result of these efforts, we hope to continue our work in establishing access to goods and services, furthering the empowerment of people with disabilities, in creating communities in which all members can be valued participants, in pursuing a cross-disability agenda and in changing negative societal attitudes toward people with disabilities.

Of importance to the Council is its potential to bring about systemic changes to those formal and informal systems available for people with developmental disabilities and their families in Pennsylvania. This means that we direct most of our resources, both staff time and funding, toward projects that commit to systems change and that have planned carefully about how to connect their efforts with other efforts to be as successful as possible.   As part of this system change focus, the Council has developed a model called Route to Success to provide guidance for all its system change work. This model, and its use in the application process, is fully described in Appendix A of this book.

What is contained in this book?

If you are interested in responding to a particular Request for Proposal (RFP), this book will provide all the instructions and materials needed to make an application to us. Some of the requirements have changed and been simplified, so please be sure to read the instructions carefully. In these pages you will find:

  • Specific instructions on how to prepare your proposal.
  • Specific descriptions of all Requests for Proposals

Who should apply?

Proposals are welcomed from all groups, non-profit or for-profit, whose applications show them to be qualified to conduct the activities described. We will consider applications from out of state entities. Additional information about who might apply, any specific restrictions, or stated preferences, is noted in the Objective Statements. Organizations that have any conflict of interest through participating in the Council’s planning process for a specific activity are not eligible to apply under that Objective. If you are interested in submitting a proposal please return the completed Intent Form found in the Appendix section of this book.

Council has, for a number of years, provided opportunities for funding through our Collective and Local Advocacy Grants Programs, our Grassroots Advocacy Grants Program and Minority Community Grants Program. These smaller grant programs have streamlined application processes and are intended to reach grass roots groups who might not otherwise access Commonwealth funding. Details of how to apply for these smaller grant programs can be obtained directly by contacting the Council’s offices.

The Council enjoys its partnerships with its grantees in carrying out its Vision and Mission, and is excited by the initiatives outlined in this book. We look forward to reading your proposals.


Summer 2014