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A Guide for Young People with Disabilities Transitioning to Adulthood.
Developed in partnership with young people, the toolkit is a guide on preparing for transition to adulthood and making choices about their own health care, education, employment, finances, independent living, and social and recreational activities. While some of the services and resources provided are California state-specific, much of the guidance applies to youth in any state.

Ability Hub
Assistive Technology for people with a disability who find operating a computer difficult, maybe even impossible. This web site will direct you to adaptive equipment and alternative methods available for accessing computers.

Sponsored by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, US Department of Education; primary mission is to provide information on assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources to consumers, organizations, professionals, and caregivers within the United States.

Access America for People with Disabilities
Created by the Presidential Task Force on Employment of Adults with Disabilities, to provide one-stop online access to resources, services, and information available throughout the Federal government.

Accessible Congregations Campaign
The Accessible Congregations Campaign (ACC) seeks to gain the commitment of congregations of all faiths to include people with all types of disabilities as full and active participants. It is sponsored by the Religion and Disability Program of the National Organization on Disability.

Accessible Space
The mission of Accessible Space, Inc. (ASI) is to provide accessible, affordable, assisted/supportive and independent living opportunities for persons with physical disabilities and brain injuries, as well as seniors. This mission is accomplished through the development and cost-effective management of accessible, affordable housing, as well as the provision of assisted/supportive living and rehabilitation services.

A site designed to defend and strengthen the implementation of the ADA.The site will serve as an informational network and advocacy tool ofthe ADA WATCH coalition of disability rights organizations.

American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today - "There's no place like home, and we mean real homes, not nursing homes. We are fighting so people with disabilities can live in the community with real supports instead of being locked away in nursing homes and other institutions. Free Our People."

ADAPT, American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today
"There's no place like home, and we mean real homes, not nursing homes. We are fighting so people with disabilities can live in the community with real supports instead of being locked away in nursing homes and other institutions. Free Our People."

Addup provides a central online resource for communication, collaboration and innovation among programs across the Administration on Developmental Disabilities network that provide services and solutions for people with developmental disabilities.

Administration on Developmental Disabilities
The Administration on Developmental Disabilities ensures that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families participate in the design of and have access to culturally competent services, supports, and other assistance and opportunities that promotes independence, productivity, and integration and inclusion into the community.

Advocating Change Together
A nonprofit disability rights organization run by and for people with developmental and other disabilities.

Air Traveler with a Disability

American Assoc. on Health and Disability
The mission of AAHD is to contribute to national, state, and local efforts to prevent additional health complications in people with disabilities, and to identify effective intervention strategies to reduce the incidence of secondary conditions and the health disparities between people with disabilities and the general population. AAHD accomplishes its mission through research, education and advocacy.

Architectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities (COSD) is a unique and dynamic national professional association comprised of more than 600 colleges and universities and nearly 300 major national employers. COSD's mission is to improve the employment rate of college students and recent graduates with disabilities on a national basis.

Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities (COSD) is a unique and dynamic national professional association comprised of more than 600 colleges and universities and nearly 300 major national employers. COSD's mission is to improve the employment rate of college students and recent graduates with disabilities on a national basis.

CAST UDL Exchange

Center for Inclusive Childcare
The Center for Inclusive Child Care mission is to create, promote and support pathways to successful inclusive care for all children. The program is a comprehensive resource network for inclusive early childhood, school age programs, and providers.

Coming Together for Children with Disabilities: State Collaboration to Support Quality, Inclusive Child Care
Families with children with disabilities have difficulty finding high quality, appropriate child care for their children - and this is particularly true for low-income families. This 2003 report from CLASP and Easter Seals discusses the challenges these low-income families face; presents the findings of a survey of administrators of state child care and special education programs; and suggests policy recommendations for federal and state governments.

"Helps connect people who care about the craft of community organizingto find and provide information that organizers, scholars, andscholar-organizers can use to learn, teach, and do communityorganizing."

Community Building The E.F. Schumacher Society
Programs demonstrating that both social and environmental sustainability can be achieved by applying the values of human-scale communities and respect for the natural environment to economic issues.

Community Building The Highlander Center
Brings grassroots leaders and community groups together to learn from each other and develop strategies for social change. Highlander offers workshops, research, training and technical assistance to activists and community-based organizations dealing with a wide range of social problems.

Community Tool Box
"Promoting community health and development by connecting people, ideas, and resources."

Independent facilitators working for communities in which every individual is cherished...

Concrete Change
An international effort to make all homes visitable!

Council for Exceptional Children
The largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted.

Department of Justice

Department of Justice: Commonly Asked Questions About Child Care Centers and the Americans With Disabilities Act

Disabilities At Work
The largest minority group in the country, people with disabilities, their family members, service providers and other supporters, control more than $200 billion dollars in disposable income – an amount that exceeds that of the highly coveted teen market. Disabilities At Work (DAW) converts this latent consumer power into a focused ongoing campaign that will reward businesses that support people with disabilities. The DAW logo, displayed in business facilities (via plaque, window decals, and point-of contact signs), on websites, and/or on products, provides a visible symbol for targeted consumer advocacy.

Disabilities Funders Network (DFN)
The Disability Funders Network (DFN) is a grantmakers' affinity group whose mission is to promote awareness, support and inclusion of people with disabilities and disability issues in grantmaking programs and organizations.

Disability and Diversity: New Leadership for a New Era
Monograph from the Presidents Commission on Employment; Quoting chairperson Tony Coelho, "Minority persons with disabilities are important in the struggle for full equality and empowerment of people with disabilities. Minority persons with disabilities must be able to develop and exemplify leadership and advocacy skills. It is critical that minority persons with disabilities be included in the loop and have a fair chance to participate in our "Great American Dream."

Disability and the Muslim Perspective
Disability and the Muslim Perspective: An Introduction for Rehabilitation and Health Care Providers. This publication focuses primarily on the broad category of Muslims with disabilities who are living in the United States, including, immigrant, refugee, and indigenous Muslims. Both the difficulties and the successes that Muslims with disabilities experience as they seek access to the opportunity to live a meaningful life are included.

Disability History Timeline – Resource & Discussion Guide
From the National Consortium on Leadership and Disability for Youth

Disability in History: An Important Part of America’s Heritage
Created by the Office of Disability Employment Policy. This article documents milestones in disability advocacy. The Office of Disability Employment Policy works to create a world in which people with disabilities have unlimited employment opportunities.

Disability News
Disability Rights and Online News

Disability Statistics

Disability World
A bimonthly web-zine of disability news and views. Disability World id dedicated to advancing an exchange of information and research about the international independent living movement of people with disabilities.

Disabled Person
We are a public charity organization since 2002 whose primary focus is disability employment. We want to help you, a person with a disability seek employment. So come, post your resume and look for a job. Its free! Our goal is to get as many jobs for people with disabilities as possible. The services that we offer here at are free.

DREDF: the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc.
DREDF is a national law and policy center dedicated to protecting and advancing the civil rights of people with disabilities through legislation, litigation, advocacy, technical assistance, and education and training of attorneys, advocates, persons with disabilities, and parents of children with disabilities.

Easter Seals Project ACTION
Project ACTION promotes cooperation between the disability community and transportation industry. Project ACTION provides training, resources and technical assistance to thousands of disability organizations, consumers with disabilities and local transportation operators.

Embracing Cultural Diversity in the Rehabilitation System

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education
National information system designed to provide users with ready access to an extensive body of education-related literature. ERIC, established in 1966, is supported by the The National Library of Education, a part of the US Department of Education's Office of Educational Research and Improvement.

Families and Advocates Partner for Education
The Partnership is a project which aims to inform and educate families and advocates about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997 and promising practices.

Family Support Center on Disabilities
Sponsored by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, Academy for Educational Development, and The US Department of Health and Human Services. The Family Support Center on Disabilities: Knowledge & Involvement Network (call us KIN for short!) offers you a centralized resource on the full range of options available to individuals with disabilities and their families.

Federal Interagency Coordinating Council
"Assures that all children ages zero to eight with or at risk for developing disabilities and their families benefit from an integrated, seamless system of services and supports that is family centered, community based, and culturally competent."

Getting Access to Assistive Technology in College

Getting Access to Assistive Technology in College

Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities
The Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities is committed to the endeavour of becoming the foremost global resource to which business owners and entrepreneurs as well as potential business owners with disability can turn at any stage of their business journey. It is a place to build community, dignity, and self-determination through a market place for disabled and non-disabled business people to connect and collaborate for mutual benefit.

Going to Work: A Guide to Social Security Benefits and Employment for
The Guide provides basic information about Social Security disability and health benefit programs, explains what happens to these benefits when a young person goes to work, and explains how to maximize a young person's options when starting work. Going to Work, published by the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston, also has information specific to Massachusetts.

Growing Your Capacity to Engage Diverse Communities
A Family Voices booklet that describes a new approach to family and community engagement that involves community liaisons and cultural brokers. The information is based on knowledge and experience of family leaders around the country. Available in pdf (24 pages, 569 KB).

Head Start Center for Inclusion
The Center addresses existing barriers to effective inclusion and increase the competence, confidence and effectiveness of personnel in Head Start programs to include children with disabilities.
New Website provides information about support in Erie County SPROUT is intended to provide Erie County, Pennsylvania parents, caregivers and youth with information about where to turn for help and how to make informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones. The website is interactive and user-friendly – providing people with the ability to submit questions and be linked with agencies and informed individuals to help meet their needs. SPROUT will also allow access to a community calendar, and promote connections with mentors and other support groups.

Inclusion & Parent Advocacy: A Resource Guide
In 1996, Disability Resources received a grant from the New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council to research and compile an annotated guide to multicultural, multimedia materials about inclusion and parent advocacy. Originally designed as a buying guide for libraries, this comprehensive resource tool describes 265 books, videotapes, pamphlets, and other materials that can help libraries, parents, educators, child care centers, and other service providers plan for and implement inclusion.

Information for the Air Traveler with a Disability

Inidividual Learning Plan
individual learning plan is a tool that high school students use – with support from school counselors and parents – to define their personal interests and goals related to their career and postsecondary education and to plan what courses to take and what activities to participate in during high school to further their interests and achieve their goals. The National Collaborative on Workforce and Disabilities’ ILP Fact Sheet provides an overview of the Individualized Learning Plan and highlights ways some states are using ILPs to better serve their students.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

Leaders with Developmental Disabilities in the Self-Advocacy Movement
This project explores the life stories of 13 leaders in the self-advocacy movement and their perspectives on key issues and leadership challenges, exploring the history, culture, and significance of the self-advocacy movement.

Liberty Resources, Inc.
"Advocates and promotes independent living for persons with disabilities."

Mobility Works

National Association for the Education of Young Children
The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) exists for the purpose of leading and consolidating the efforts of individuals and groups working to achieve healthy development and constructive education for all young children.

National Center for Education Statistics
National Center for Education Statistics is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data that are related to education in the United States and other nations.

National Center for Family Support
"The purpose of the center is to provide technical assistance and training to twenty-two states who were awarded grant money from the Administration on Developmental Disabilities to develop, implement, enhance, and/or expand family support systems for families of children with disabilities."

National Center on Education, Disability, and Juvenile Justice
A collaborative research, training, technical assistance and dissemination program designed to develop more effective responses to the needs of youth with disabilities in the juvenile justice system or those at-risk for involvement with the juvenile justice system.

National Center on Educational Outcomes
Offers information on assessments, accountability policy and practices,national and state data collection programs, and standards-setting forall students, including those with disabilities.

National Center to Improve Practice
Promotes the effective use of technology to enhance outcomes for students with sensory, cognitive, physical, and social/emotional disabilities.

National Childcare Information Center
"Has been established to complement, enhance and promote child carelinkages and to serve as a mechanism for supporting quality,comprehensive services for children and families."

National Clearinghouse for Professions in Special Education

National Dissemination Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
The national information and referral center that provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues for families, educators, and other professionals. Special focus is children and youth (birth to age 22).

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System

National Education Association

National Institute for Urban School Improvement
Supports inclusive urban communities, schools, and families to build their capacity for sustainable, successful urban education.

National Organization on Disability/Religion and Disability Program
Urges local congregations, national denominational groups andseminaries to remove architectural, communication and attitudinalbarriers

National Policy Center for Children with Special Health Care Needs

National Service Inclusion Project
A training and technical assistance project to increase the participation of people with disabilities in national service.

National Work Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth
The National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth (NCWD/Youth) assists state and local workforce development systems to better serve all youth, including youth with disabilities and other vulnerable youth.

Natural Supports
The goal of the Pathways to Independence Natural Supports project is to discover, support, and disseminate creative and promising approaches for supporting youth with disabilities to participate more fully and naturally in school, work, and community activities.

New Horizons
Information for the Air Traveler with a Disability (US Dept. of Transportation)

New Resource on Cultural Competency
Growing Your Capacity to Engage Diverse Communities by Working with Community Liaisons and Cultural Brokers" is a Family Voices booklet that describes a new approach to family and community engagement that involves community liaisons and cultural brokers. The information is based on knowledge and experience of family leaders around the country. The booklet is available in PDF format at

Office Of Minority Health
OMH advises the Secretary and the Office of Public Health and Science (OPHS) on public health issues affecting American Indians and Alaska Natives, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders, Blacks/African Americans, and Hispanics/Latinos. The mission of OMH is to improve the health of racial and ethnic populations through the development of effective health policies and programs that help to eliminate disparities in health.

Office of Special Education Programs

One Child at a Time… A Parent Handbook and Resource Directory for African American Families with Children Who Learn Differently

PA Secondary Transition Guide
The purpose of this website is to provide youth, young adults, parents, and professionals with secondary transition resources to facilitate a young person’s progress toward the attainment of post-secondary goals related to education, employment, and community living. The Pennsylvania Secondary Transition Guide website is a continual work in progress. Bookmark this site and check back regularly for updates and additions.

Parents Engaged in Education Reform
National technical assistance project funded by the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. PEER's purpose is to increase the participation of parents of children with disabilities and their organizations in school reform efforts.

Praying with Lior
"An engrossing, wrenching and tender documentary film, PRAYING WITH LIOR introduces Lior Liebling, also called "the little rebbe." Lior has Down syndrome, and has spent his entire life praying with utter abandon. Is he a "spiritual genius" as many around him say? Or simply the vessel that contains everyone's unfulfilled wishes and expectations? Lior - whose name means "my light" - lost his mother at age six, and her words and spirit hover over the film. While everyone agrees Lior is closer to God, he's also a burden, a best friend, an inspiration, and an embarrassment, depending on which family member is speaking. As Lior approaches Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony different characters provides a window into life spent "praying with Lior."

Project ACTION Accessible Traveler Database

Promising Practices in Home and Community-Based Services
A series of reports on promising practices that is provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Promising Practices in Inclusion
Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation presents the Promising Practices In Inclusion Series which features best practices, lessons learned and case studies from its grant partners.

Proyecto Vision
A bilingual website for Latinos with disabilities in the United States

Quality Mall
Offers individuals with disabilities and families a wide range ofinformation about consumer-directed and person-centered supports.

Online Recruiting, Resume Posting, Job Posting and Resume Search. Provides an online, targeted recruiting site that effectively connects proactive employers with job seekers with disabilities.

Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America
An interdisciplinary association of people with a common interest in technology and disability. Their purpose is to improve the potential of people with disabilities to achieve their goals through the use of technology.

Research and Training Center on Community Living

Free Medications to Qualifying Individuals. Patient assistance programs are run by pharmaceutical companies to provide free medications to people who cannot afford to buy their medicine. RxAssist offers a comprehensive database of these patient assistance programs, as well as practical tools, news, and articles so that health care professionals and patients can find the information they need.

Self Advocates Becoming Empowered - "National organization with the goal of supporting self advocacy throughout the U.S."

SERI (Special Education Resources on the Internet)
A collection of Internet information related to special education for families and professionals.

Special Quest Preschool Inclusion Series
These newly developed videos and training sessions support high quailty inclusion of preschoolers in early care and education settings that are responsive to the priority and concerns of families.

Talking With Your Doctor and Other Healthcare Provider
Talking With Your Doctor and Other Healthcare Provider (Healthcare Transition) A video resource to support youth with disabilities to develop independence in communicating with their physician and other healthcare professionals.

The Access Board
An independent Federal agency devoted to accessibility for people with disabilities. It operates with about 30 staff and a governing board of representatives from Federal departments and public members appointed by the President.

The Alliance for Full Participation
AFP is a formal partnership of leading organizations serving the developmental disabilities field that share a common vision- to help create a better and more fulfilling quality of life for people with developmental disabilities.

The ARC of the United States

The Center for An Accessible Society

The Center for Inclusion and Disability
The UAP of Vermont, in collaboration with individuals with disabilities, their families and communities, will promote the independence, inclusion, participation, and personal choice of individuals with disabilities of all ages in all environments through the development and enhancement of culturally sensitive and responsive services and supports, interdisciplinary training, technical assistance, exemplary service models, research, dissemination of information, and advocacy for the legal and civil rights of individuals with disabilities.

The Center for Universal Design
A national research, information, and technical assistance center that evaluates, develops, and promotes universal design in housing, public and commercial facilities, and related products.

The Center on Human Policy at Syracuse University

The Centre on Inclusive Education and CommunityThe Centre on Inclusive Education and Community

The Children’s Defense Fund
"Exists to provide a strong and effective voice for all the children of America, who cannot vote, lobby, or speak for themselves."

The Community Living Exchange Collaborative Clearinghouse
"A hub of vital information sharing, training and technical assistance for more than 180 recipients of Systems Change Grants for Community Living."

The Consortium of Developmental Disabilities Councils
"A member-driven organization that is committed to representing the diverse interests of Developmental Disabilities Councils and the people with disabilities that Councils were created to serve."

The Corporation for National and Community Service

The Disability Policy Center

The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc. (DREDF)
A national law and policy center dedicated to protecting and advancing the civil rights of people with disabilities through legislation, litigation, advocacy, technical assistance, and education and training of attorneys, advocates, persons with disabilities, and parents of children with disabilities.

The Disability Social History Project

The Foundations of Inclusive Education: A Compendium of Articles on Effective Strategies to Achieve Inclusive Education
Published by TASH, "This second edition of the book of readings from JASH and RPSD includes some of the most impressive articles about inclusive education that have been published in recent years."

The Inclusion Network
The Inclusion Network is a group of volunteers concerned with makingGreater Cincinnati a more inclusive community. The web site will berelative to all concerned with inclusion regardless of location.

The Institute on Community Integration
The Institute works with community service providers, school districts, advocacy and self-advocacy organizations, policymakers, and researchers around the world to provide state-of-the-art information and practices that support the community integration of individuals with disabilities.

The National Association for the Education of African American Children with Learning Disabilities

The National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC)
A component of the Georgetown University Child Development Center, "The mission of the NCCC is to increase the capacity of health care programs to design, implement and evaluate culturally competent service delivery systems"

The National Home of Your Own Alliance

Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet
Includes text of bills introduced to Congress, the Congressional schedule and historical documents related to Congress.

United We Ride
The Department of Transportation, with its partners at the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and Education, are launching United We Ride to break down the barriers between programs and set the stage for local partnerships that generate common sense solutions and deliver A-plus performance for everyone who needs transportation.

US Department of Transportation
Contacts for the American's with Disabilities Act or complaints.

Virtual Assistance Technology Center
"Putting computers within reach of individuals with disabilities."
The purpose of this center is to identify factors that enhance or inhibit businesses from tapping into a pool of potential employees. Funded in part by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS), US Department of Education

Hundreds of articles, cases, newsletters, and other information about special education law and advocacy

Wrightslaw, Inc.
"A comprehensive site on special education law and advocacy for parents, advocates and attorneys."

Zero To Three